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In British Columbia, we can recommend the hunts in the High Country area. The district is known for a good organization, excellent results and good populations of game. Accommodations and the food are also top quality.

The Adams Lake Outfitting territory is located in British Columbia Canada. It is situated between Shuswap and Adams Lake, northeast of Kamloops and covers 440,000 acres (178,000 hectares) of beautiful and varied scenery like mountains, (high elevation) lakes, swamps and meadows. The territory is an hour driving from Kamloops or Kelowna. There are several provincial parks located in the territory. This indicates that our territory contains beautiful natural resources. We are allowed to hunt in this special scenery because of the fact that the ministry gives logging companies permission to harvest wood. There are a lot of cut blocks which 'opens' the country and brings in young vegetation. Also a large powerline is crossing our territory which gives a good sight on game.

The climate is very mild in spring and fall, hot in the summer and has a lot of snow in winter. The accommodation in which hunters are staying depends on the period, the location in the territory and the species to hunt. You can be accommodated in wall tents, cabins and a camp trailer and sometimes even a hotel is possible. For transport we use pick-ups, quads, side-by-sides or snowmobiles to hunt the species. A good stalk though is necessary to encounter the game.

Sustainable business is important to us, therefore, we donate game meat to charity organizations.

Adams Lake Outfitting Territory Map
Bear Claw


Derek Davies

The outfitting is fully operated and managed by Mr. Derek Davies. He does everything to fulfill your hunting expectations and to make sure you have an unforgettable hunting experience at Adams Lake Outfitting.

His excellent knowledge of the territory and his hunting skills results in a high success rate. The moment your flight lands at the airport, Derek Davies will be there and a wonderful hunting experience begins.

To illustrate this here are some quotes:

  • "I hunted black bear with Adams Lake Outfitting this spring. This was my first time hunting bear and my first trip to Canada. I could not have chosen a better company than Derek and his crew at Adams Lake Outfitting. The relaxed atmosphere along with the professional way everything regarding the hunting itself was handled made this an unforgettable trip. I´ll be coming back."
    - Gauti Jóhannesson (Iceland)

  • "I've been hunting all over the world, Iceland, Namibië, Russia, Austria, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom. Every year I go to Canada and every time Derek Davies and his team of assistant guides made sure that I had a fantastic hunting experience driven by his outstanding hunting passion and good results."
    - Marcus van Kleef (The Netherlands)

Bear Claw


There are good populations of black bear, grizzly, cougar, lynx, bobcat, mountain goat, mule deer, whitetail deer and moose. There is also caribou and elk in the district, but licenses have not yet been released. We also have excellent possibilities for fishing trout and salmon.

Adams Lake has a very good black bear and grizzly bear population. In spring success rates are very high. The cougar hunt is also very exciting. We have a specialized guide, Sean Mcclean who has major experience in cat hunting. He has a great knowledge and with his specially trained dogs (more than ten), cat hunting will be something special. Cut blocks and burns give the right habitat for deer. Due to the beautiful swamps in the territory we have great opportunities to hunt moose.

Bear Claw


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